About Us

Company Overview

Solutions Three is an exceptionally creative and highly respected construction company specialising in refurbishments, upgrades, extensions and reinstatements.

Our process of Think, Design, Implement guarantees that you benefit from our wide-ranging experience, dedication to quality, and attention to your particular needs.

Challenge and creativity

We relish a challenge where we can combine our creativity and project management skills to come up with a solution that no-one has thought of before, or one that uses an existing idea in a new and original way. Delivering something that is genuinely unique, ground-breaking and breath-taking is what Solutions Three is all about.

Working in partnership

Partnering with you early in the process means that we can work together to ensure that your project is delivered according to the agreed design, and that all work is completed on time and on budget.

We can manage and bring to each project a network of like-minded design, trade and building professionals with extensive knowledge and experience, or we can work with your teams and consultants and draw on our long history of successful collaborations and partnerships.

Either way, our focus remains delivery of quality, on time and on budget.

Managing “wishlists” and budgets

When it’s difficult to balance needs and wants with a budget, our creative input and extensive knowledge of materials, processes, suppliers and finishes means that we can present you with realistic options, and then work to ensure that your project meets your objectives.

This includes rigorous management of delivery chains, mature project management processes, and flexibility. The result is financial sustainability, capital risk management, and no unpleasant surprises.

Working on live sites

Many of our projects involve working on live sites where residents and businesses need to continue normal daily activities. Whether you’re a business, residential facility or family, we understand that people’s privacy and safety is paramount, and that our schedule and operations need to revolve around yours.

We’re always sensitive to our client’s needs, keep disruption to an absolute minimum, and remain flexible and considerate.

Quality Assurance and Project Management

Our mature Quality Assurance Management System and rigorous end-to-end project management ensures that we deliver optimal outcomes regardless of how simple or complex your project might be.

We balance this with flexibility that accommodates innovation and change in order to continually improve our project delivery outcomes.

Compliance and Safety

Our compliance record is impeccable, and we always comply with all contractual and statutory obligations.

Our commitment to safety is equally rigorous and involves training, project reviews, inspections, and upgrades to safety systems and methodologies.

All of our employees receive regular training to ensure they understand and adhere to our Quality Assurance and project management systems, safety systems, and relevant legislation and regulations.


Solutions Three proudly belongs to peak industry bodies, evidence of our commitment to quality in all areas of our work from administration and pricing to materials and finishes.